Evie brought so much to my life, I mean SOOOOO much. I came to her with the big challenge of wanting more body confidence, one that I honestly thought I wouldn't get any closer to achieving. Our first meeting I remember so clearly, she sat me down and said "What would you like to be able to do in a fortnight, let's start by working to that". Together we made my aspirations measurable and I soon had goals in which I could succeed. These little wins, subconsciously and unexplainably, made me stronger both physically and mentally. Training with Evie was the thing I looked forward to everyday, I ran in excitement to get there. It wasn't just the satisfaction and endorphins that come from exercise, Evie B is genuinely one of the most special human beings I have had the pleasure of meeting and getting to know! Being able to chat to her about complete rubbish and embarrass myself all without judgement made me feel like I belonged. I mean that's really why we all do exercise, am I right 🙋🏼‍♀️?!! Honestly if you don't have Evie as your trainer, especially if you're looking for a PT, you're just a bit stoopid! Best decision I ever made, and I decided to marry my Husband that same year ;).


Very respectful and understanding of my needs. I gained so much confidence working with Evie.


When I decided to start training, I hadn't really done any serious exercise in years and was very nervous and unsure of myself - Evie put me completely at ease almost immediately and improved my fitness more than I would have believed possible when I started. More importantly, I now really enjoy working out and have a much more positive attitude towards my own body and what it can do which means I continue with my training (happily!) outside of any PT sessions - and actually love it! I've never consistently embraced exercise like this and the difference it's made in my life is incredible - a lot of credit goes to Evie for getting me started on that journey and consistently being sunny, supportive and positive in her approach to fitness (and just really good fun to spend an hour with!) I genuinely could not recommend her enough, and I'm truly gutted I can no longer train with her as she's moved out of my area. She's just absolutely brilliant!


"I moved to South London from north of the river and wanted to find someone to train with nearer to home but I am very fussy. My previous PT taught me the importance of form and mobility and I cringe in big group exercise classes where people are lifting heavy weights dangerously without much input from the teacher. Then I found Evie, she is an excellent trainer. We spend a lot of time on mobility exercises (using bands and form rollers) and she knows how my body works and what we need to focus on. She also sets me homework! Then she absolutely kills me- once she made me do 70 burpes in a 6am session- and then we have a good stretch at then end. I have been to her gym which was great but I like training outside and I love her Friday morning group HIIT session at the yard in Peckham. Excellent PT aside, Evie is a real pleasure to spend time with because she is passionate about what she does and just really friendly and lovely- I'm really pleased I found her."

1-2-1 Personal Training / HIIT Classes


"I can't recommend Evie highly enough as a Personal Trainer! Her sessions are hard, and push you to improve and achieve your fitness goals but never feel beyond you. She is really encouraging, and has taken the fear out of fitness for me. After a month of personal training sessions with Evie, I am already seeing tangible results."

1-2-1 Personal Training


"Excellent group bootcamp session on Sunday mornings in Peckham Rye. Highly motivating session - we did 1 minute stations focusing on different areas. Thank you Evie B" 



UPDATE: I stand by everything I've said about Evie in my previous review. She's wonderful as a trainer. After about 6 months of training I had to move away from Peckham for work, but the things I learnt with Evie have kept me working and training on my own. If you doubt your own motivation to get in shape, or to keep your commitment to your goals, give Evie a call. She will set you on the right road, and empower you to keep moving towards your goals. I cannot say enough thanks or kind words for the confidence and commitment to my own health and fitness Evie has given me.

ORIGINAL: "I've been training with Evie on her 1 to 1 program for a little over a month typing this. I was fairly sceptical (and nervous) about Personal Training before we got started, but I am SO glad I chose to work with Evie. She's really encouraging, easy going, and always a good laugh. The sessions are hard enough to push me, but not so hard to feel unattainable, so I've always left feeling knackered but awesome. Beyond that, I'm hitting my goals under her instruction, so I can't ask for anything more! I'll be getting involved in her Bootcamps soon I think!"

1-2-1 Personal Training


"Evie tailors the sessions to push you but also makes it fun! She puts you at ease, making you feel confident in the session. Evie also provides workouts for at home and extra nutritional advice... very motivating and just a lovely person as well!"

2 of a Kind Training


Evie is a fantastic personal trainer. She is full of energy & positivity - this twinned with her excellent knowledge make for really fun sessions that are always different. I have done a number of bootcamps with Evie and cannot recommend her highly enough.